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What is page speed & Why is page speed is important?

Page speed is a measure of how quickly your individual site pages load both on desktop, Laptop, and Mobile devices. Pages normally take longer to load on your mobile compared to desktop and laptop. A page loading speed is determined by several different factors including a site server, page file size, and image compression. That’s because there are mainly three types of different ways of measuring page speed.

Fully Loaded Page-

This is the most straightforward way to determine how fast a page loads.

Time to First Byte-

This measures how long it takes for a page to start loading page.

First Contextual Paint-

It takes enough time to load a page and the user cant be able to read the content on that page.

There is a variety of factors that influence page speed: How many images, videos, and media files are contained on the page, and how they are optimized When Using a CMS, like WordPress what themes and plugins are installed on your site?

Why is page speed is important?

Website speed helps from the first impression for a visitor of that website and business, How fast a website load is Important to anyone visiting the site. Most people don’t wait for more than two seconds for a web page to load. For e-commerce websites, it can cost them millions for every second delayed.

How does optimization page speed?

If you are ranking high on Google, but not getting the number of visitors you desire, that’s why you need page speed optimization This can be achieved through a few simple stages

Optimizing images, videos, animations, and media

Fixing all CSS, HTML, and JavaScript issues

Determining if you are running too many ads

Double-check your host to ensure server response time isn’t holding you back

Review excessive HTTP requests

Benefits of Page Speed

The faster your site loads, the bounce rate decreases. If your site is fast, you have a better chance of ranking on Google over slow sites that drive high bounce rates. When fewer people leave, they will spend more time on your website, and when people spend more time on your page, they will engage more, and interact more, These are all ranking factors for our website of page speed optimization. When google can crawl and index, the more pages that are indexed, and higher the chance that you will have individual page rank.

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